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The new Pantone colour of the year was announced in early December and is described by the Pantone Foundation's Executive Director; Leatrice Eiseman as being a solid and dependable blue that provides an anchoring foundation. Solid and dependable are undoubtedly characteristics that couples look for in each other and for those getting married in 2020, the colour could well symbolise the foundation of their new life together. But what does it go with and how can you use it in your wedding for 2020. 

Ironically it complements with a slightly more natural version of the Pantone colour for 2019 (Coral Pink) and harmonizes with slightly cooler blues such as Baby Blue.

Ponder colour palette from Pantone







Pantone kindly takes the hard work out of putting your colour scheme together by suggesting a range of combinations. If you're thinking of vibrant colours for your wedding decor, stationery or flowers, then the Snorkel colour palette could be for you, featuring a yellow green Lime Punch (Code: 13-0550) and a Jasmine Green (Code: 15-0545)







If however you're looking to contrast and pick up on the mustard type colour that's been a staple in everyday fashion for a couple of years now, then the Exotic Tastes palette could be just what you're after. With a soft golden Honey (Code: 16-0946) alongside a richer deeper Rhubarb (Code: 19-1652) they will contrast well and add a little decadence.

As blue is my favourite colour, perhaps I'm a little biased, but I reckon the Classic Blue is strong and bold while not being overstated and marries well with contrasting and harmonising colours alike.

If you're looking for something different for a wedding or event colour scheme in 2020, go bold, go blue, go Classic Blue.