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Terms and Conditions

Nobody likes Terms and Conditions, the very small print, but the bit with all the really important info.
T's & C's at itoast2you.co.uk are laid out in easy steps, covering fees, cancellation, changes, and lots more besides.

In the following conditions of contract, "itoast2you" shall refer to a business registered with HMRC as a sole trader. "The Toastmaster" shall mean Verity Bartlett, or subject to conditions 8,9 and 14 below, any other Professional Toastmaster appointed by itoast2you on the client's behalf. The "client" shall mean one or both of the names that appear on the booking form. Once signed, the booking form in association with theses terms and conditions shall form the contract. The operation of the contract is subject to the following 21 conditions. These conditions cannot be altered or amended by the client without written or email confirmation to the client from itoast2you.

  1. Terms: Throughout the contract the terms 'you' and 'your' shall refer to the client and 'us' 'we' and' our' shall refer to itoast2you.
  2. Contract: The contract entered into herein shall be between you the client and us at itoast2you. You will be liable for all fees payable under this contract.
  3. Fees-Variable factors: The fees charged by us are dependent upon the nature of your event i.e Wedding, Charity or Corporate and are also dependent (but are not limited to) some or all of the following:
    1. Distance - The distance (each way) to be travelled by us to any pre event meetings, and to the event venue.
    2. Duration: - The amount of time to be spent by us at your event; additional charges are applicable at a Wedding Breakfast for introducing the first dance, if that dance is more than 90mins after you leave the Wedding Breakfast.
    3. Guests: - Additional charges may be applicable for guest numbers in excess of 200.
    4. Type of venue: - Additional charges may be applicable, depending on the type of venue, ease of access, and facilities available.
  4. Fees: The fees charged by itoast2you are as follows:
    1. Weddings - Gold Gavel Package
      1. Mon-Fri from £335.00
      2. Sunday from £350.00
      3. Saturday and all Bank or Public Holidays from £365.00
      4. Please enquire direct for more details on the Bronze and Silver Gavel Packages
    2. Corporate Events(for quizzes, please enquire)
      1. Mon-Fri from £225.00
      2. Saturday and all Bank or Public Holidays from £250.00
    3. Charity Events
      1. POA - The minimum charge for charity events is recovery of all travel and admin expenses incurred by us in connection with your event. Other fees may be applied depending on the type of event.
    4. Quiz Events
      1. POA - The minimum charge for quiz events is recovery of all travel and admin expenses incurred by us in connection with your event. Other fees may be applied depending on the type of event.
    5. Presentations
      1. Presentations on the history and role of the Professional Toastmaster are available to community groups and organizations. The fee for a presentation is £45.00 plus recovery of return mileage to BA13 4SS. Mileage is charged at the HMRC rate of 45 pence per mile.
  5. Booking Fee: For all bookings a deposit fee of £50 is payable. This is to be paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable. The booking will be considered confirmed on receipt of this payment or clearance of cheque.
  6. Balance Payments: Balance payments to us on a booking by you; can be split into a maximum of 2 staged payments, subject to an email request from you which is acknowledged by us. The final payment on a booking by you is payable no later than 6 weeks before the event. An invoice will be issued (via QuickBooks) and receipt of all payments will be acknowledged by us to an email address provided by you. Payment reminders can be sent by us to you upon request. Failure by you to make full payment within the time frame stated, will result in the cancellation by us of our contract with you. Refund of any staged payments made will be at the sole discretion of itoast2you.
  7. Preferred method of payment: The preferred method of payment to us is by BACS transfer. Details of the account will be provided, once a booking has been confirmed. Any payment made by cheque (cheques are to be made payable to Verity Bartlett) must clear no later than 6 weeks before the event as stated in conditions 5 & 6 above. In the event that a cheque is refused by our bank, you will be liable for any charges imposed by our bank.
  8. Force Majeure: Every effort will be made by us to fulfil the booking made by you; however circumstances beyond reasonable control (extreme weather, industrial action, failure of public services, sudden bereavement, etc.) cannot be accepted. In such circumstances a mitigating refund may be offered by us to you. Any such refund will be limited to the fee paid by you under the agreed contract.
  9. Illness or Injury: In the event of illness or accident and where there is sufficient time before the event (as per the agreed date in the contract) every effort will be made to provide a suitable alternative Professional Toastmaster, for whom you will be given their details. In this situation there will be no additional fee.
  10. Pre event meetings: Upon receipt of a confirmed booking; you are entitled to up to 3 (three) pre event meetings for a Wedding and 2 (two) for a corporate or charity event with us at no additional charge. A maximum of 1 (one) of these can be at your event venue. Pre event meetings are to be booked with us a minimum of 1 (one) month in advance of the desired date for the said meeting and are subject to the availability of the Toastmaster
  11. Cancellation by you of a pre event meeting: In the event that you require to cancel a pre event meeting, you are to make all reasonable efforts to do so at least 72hours before the meeting is due to take place.
  12. Cancellation by us of a pre event meeting: In the event that we need to cancel or re arrange a pre event meeting, we will give you as much notice as possible depending on the circumstances of the cancellation.
  13. Cancellation of the event by you: In the unfortunate circumstance that you need to cancel your event for any reason, the following charges will apply:
    If less than 6 months before the event - Loss of booking fee only.
    If less than 4 months before the event - Loss of booking fee, plus 50% of full fee.
    If less than 2 months before the event - Loss of booking fee, plus 75% of full fee.
    If less than 6 weeks before the event - Loss of booking fee, plus 100% of full fee. In the event that you request the removal of any personally identifiable information held by us, which subsequently means we are unable to contact you in connection with your event, you agree to forfeit any sums paid up to the date at which you request the removal of the data.
  14. Change of event date: If the date of the event is changed, the client must make every effort to notify itoast2you at the earliest opportunity, to determine if the Toastmaster is still available to carry out the event on the revised date (if the revised date is known). If the revised date is a Bank or Public Holiday then an additional fee of £30.00 shall be payable by you immediately upon agreement of the revised date by us. If the revised date is a Saturday or Sunday (and the original date was a weekday) then the additional fee shall be £20. No additional fee is payable by you if the revised date is a weekday, so long as this is not a Bank or Public Holiday. If the original date was a Bank or Public Holiday and the revised date is a weekday, there will be no additional fee and no reduction in the original fee. If the Toastmaster is unable to attend the revised date of the event, we will attempt to source a suitably qualified Professional Toastmaster. If this is not achievable, the booking will then be deemed by us as a cancellation by the client, and the cancellation policy in para 13 above shall apply.
  15. Change of venue: If the venue is changed, the Toastmaster reserves the right to charge an additional fee depending on the distance to be travelled to the new venue. Each instance of a change of venue will be handled by us on a case by case basis.
  16. Toastmaster requirements: The client is to make every effort, to fulfil any reasonable requirements made to and of them by us. This may include (but is not limited to) provision of soft drinks and a snack meal (sandwiches or bar meal) during your event.
  17. Outside agencies - client responsibility: The client is responsible for the first contact with outside agencies (venue, photographer, entertainment, caterers, etc.) and is to inform them that they (the client) have employed the services of a Professional Toastmaster, who is authorised to act on their behalf as required. Details of outside agencies (to include but not limited to phone number and email) used are to be passed to the Toastmaster at the earliest opportunity subject to any privacy and data policies. The Toastmaster will then make any additional contact as required.
  18. How we use your data: The personally identifiable information obtained about you by us will be limited to that which is sufficient to enable us to correspond with you in connection with your event. For full details please see our Data & Privacy Policy
  19. Limit of liability: The limit of liability for the Toastmaster shall extend only to those areas specifically concerned with the delivery of the event. The Toastmaster shall not be liable for the conduct, behaviour or well-being of those guests (including children) attending the event.
  20. Liability Insurance: The Toastmaster shall maintain full Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5,000,000. A copy of the certificate can be made available to the client on request.
  21. Testimonials and Photos: The Toastmaster may request of the client, photos, videos and or testimonials of the event. These would be used for promotional purposes by the Toastmaster in printed and digital formats, including publication on the itoast2you.co.uk website. Client details would only be published by prior consent. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is taken as acceptance of permission to be approached regarding this matter.
  22. Downloadable version: You can find a downloadable version here
  23. Contact Information:itoast2you can be contacted by any of the following means:

Toastmaster - Verity Bartlett
Mob: 07754 193592 Email: info@itoast2you.co.uk

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