Wedding Fayres - a 4 part beginners guide

Part 1 - What's it all about?

Congratulations to you if you have recently got engaged!  Now take a deep breath as the fun really starts.........................................................................


With so much to think about; budget, ceremony, venue, flowers, guests, photographer, trainers? Yes at some point even a pair of your favourite trainers may come in handy, but that's for another day.  As a newly engaged and very excited couple where the heck do you start with planning something as big as a Wedding. In this 4 part beginners guide, i'll take you through some pointers that will help you get the most from your visit to a Wedding Fayre.

You're both very excited about a future Wedding, but where to start.  Well you'd do a lot worse than go to a Wedding Fayre (or several actually), and unless you're already in the Wedding or events industry, I'd say they're a must.  Wedding Fayres usually happen in 2 seasons, between January and March or April and then again in September through to November.  They're either run by Wedding or events companies such as        Love Actually WeddingsBoodelicious Events or Love That Wedding  who specialise in making sure the right type of suppliers exhibit; or 'in house' by Wedding Venues who may well use their own network of suppliers.

A Wedding Fayre will usually run on a Sunday from around 11am - 3pm, and how long you spend there will depend on what you're going for.  If it's your first ever visit, then you may find what's on offer a bit overwhelming, and get caught up speaking to all the suppliers on show; but if you've been to one or 2 before or are just looking for a specific supplier, then you could be all done very quickly.  

Most Wedding Fayres are free to visit, although for bigger 'Showcase' events you may need to buy tickets or at least register in advance.

You may be lucky enough to find everything you need for your special day at a single Wedding Fayre but a word of caution; don't be tempted with the first photographer, florist or cake maker you meet.  Not only do you not know what else is on offer but if you commit to a supplier and then find a more preferred one later you may well lose any deposit you've already paid.

A quick 'Google' search will bring up Wedding Fayres in your local area and there will be plenty to choose from; so much so that you could find yourself going to one every weekend in each of the 2 Wedding Fayre seasons if you feel the urge. 

That's a quick intro and overview, in Part 2 we'll take a look at how you should plan and prepare for your visit so that you get the best from it.