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It's all about the Ladies!

When the time comes for the Worshipful Master of a Lodge to preside over their annual Ladies Festival dinner night, they will often seek the services of a Professional Toastmaster. For some Lodges they will look inwards for their Toastmaster, but if you're looking for a dedicated Toastmaster, then what could be more appropriate for a Ladies Night than a Lady Toastmaster?

As not all Ladies Nights are the same; I'll work with you as Worshipful Master or your nominated organiser to ensure I understand how you'd like your Ladies Night to run. For example how many and where you would like your wine takings within the meal, which Worshipful Brothers will be involved with toasts, the Ladies song and your raffle and any specific requirements you may have for Ladies gifts.  

Looking for Friday night entertainment? Then why not let itoast2you test those little grey cells with a fun and humorous quiz. Fancy a specialist round? No problem, just let me know.

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