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Goody Bags - are they any Good!


Goody Bags - are they any GOOD!!


 To suppliers, exhibitors and organisers they are a foolproof way of getting their message out to their audience, with minimal effort, but for you carrying them, they can be a blessing and a burden in almost equal measure.

These days, some of the bags themselves are worth keeping, even without the information in them, but what of the contents. Most will only contain flyers, business cards, and possibly a magazine or 2; some will also contain pens, coasters or key rings branded with the relevant business name and contact details. But you do get the odd unusual item; I once went to a Christmas business reception and was given a goody bag with a light bulb in!

It's fair to say that most of the contents of a Goody Bag, go straight to the recycle box, but before you throw them out just to get to the travel sized tube of face cream at the bottom, take a few moments to look at those flyers, magazines and promotional offers. They may just give you an idea or a supplier contact you hadn't previously considered.

Try if you can to look at the contents of your Goody Bag in the first 2-3 days after the event, as that is the time when memories of suppliers and exhibitors you spoke to will still be fairly fresh in the mind.

Sit down with a cuppa, start with the flyers and business cards; sort the items into piles of the same type, and make comparisons between each one. If you value the detail and statistics, then maybe make some notes or jot down some figures in a spreadsheet. Be sure to look for expiry dates on any promotional offers, or discount codes that you may need to put in online.

Next stop is a mood board, why not cut out any of the pictures that catch your eye and start forming a mood board of ideas on venue decoration, favours, invitations, vintage crockery etc. Once you're happy and you've got all the info you need, that is the time to put the flyer into recycling.

The magazines are a more leisurely affair, and will often be more generalised, without necessarily featuring any of the exhibitors you saw at the event you went to. Highlighters are a good tip here, particularly if a company is presenting 2 different offers in separate magazines, there maybe an opportunity to claim the better offer. These will be packed full of pictures for your mood board, so cut out any that you like, even if you're not quite sure, you can always recycle them later.

To get the best from your Goody Bag: don't rush, be thorough and look out for that



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