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Covid-19 - What do we do now!


We all know that these are very troubled times. Coronavirus has ripped through lives, businesses and the global economy like a tornado, and nobody knows what things will really look like on the other side. But on an individual level, both personal and professional, how do you adjust and adapt. 

Social media and technology platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Hopin (events specific) YouTube Live and Facebook Live have come to the aid (and sanity) of many in recent weeks and platforms which were on the fringe at the beginning of the year are now very much mainstream. I know I've become something of Zoom ninja in around 2 weeks!

But despite all the 'virtual' support, there may still be many solopreneurs who find themselves wondering how to rationalise what's happened and how to move forward in their personal and business lives. 

These are my 6 tips for surviving coronavirus from a solopreneur perspective. It's not an exhaustive list and many are repeated on other sites and by persons far more qualified than me, but I believe they will help get me through this and they may well help you.

6 Tips for Surviving Coronavirus

1. Accept that you cannot change the situation: it’s how you now adapt that matters

2. Know your current business position: – outstanding invoices, clients in your current pipeline, prospective clients, future business. For each of these, where are you now, what has the client told you about their position, where do you want to be and what do you have to do to get there?

3. Manage your expectations (and those of your clients): assessing your current business position will help to establish what you can move forward with, most likely through virtual means; what you will need to ‘park’ until the other side of the crisis and what you might need to postpone indefinitely.

4. Set realistic (and most likely reduced) business/personal goals): Take comfort from small wins, this might be something as simple as revamping your LinkedIN or other social media profile or business page; or even that long overdue tidy up of your spices cupboard! (I know I’ve done mine). It’s important to review and revise these every couple of weeks to reassess where you are.

5. Can you diversify your business on-line or expand your knowledge: Perhaps use this time for personal development and to develop skill sets and knowledge that will be useful further down the line. Take part in on-line webinars, networking groups and on-line courses.

6. Be OTNO: Be open to new opportunities, you never know what might be around the corner and this time next year; you and your business could have taken an entirely new and more positive direction.

One final thought from my Army days. When on exercise or operations, the one question that was always at the forefront of your mind was: 

Has the situation changed? If the answer is YES, the next question has to be; what are you going to do about it? 

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