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You've started, so we'll finish!

"Fantastic Quiz evening hosted by Verity......she was in regular contact with us in the lead up to the evening and took care of all the questions and delivery of the event. She even included a special themed round at our request. Verity was very engaging and kept everyone's attention for the entire night"

That's what Jess from Social Care in Action in Southampton had to say after their 'Big Cheese' quiz.

Are you looking to hold either a one off event for your charity, corporate event or even as a form of entertainment at your wedding? Are you a pub manager looking to attract more people to your venue and increase food and drink sales? Then itoast2you is here to make that happen. 

Secretly we're all a little bit competitive aren't we, and here at itoast2you I'm no exception. As an experienced quizzer myself I know how much fun they can be, especially with an enthusiastic and engaging host!

itoast2you will provide all the questions for your event, and your very own quiz pack, which can be branded with your charity or pub logo. My 'joker' cards are always a winner and when your team chooses to play it could be the difference between winning and losing....... yes, there's strategy involved too, it's not all about getting the questions right (although that helps lol)

As your quiz host I'll be there to read the questions, energise your quizzers, deliver your event and that most important of things at a quiz.....provide the pens! If yours is a charity evening and you have a raffle, I'll be happy to run that as well.

For a quiz night with humour, enthusiasm and fun for all email: 

                                              There to do your worrying for you!

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