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SOLD - The Charity Auctioneer!


Auctions are a great way to raise funds for your chosen charity, and once the bidding gets going sometimes there's no stopping them.  But how do you make the most of the auction lots that you've so carefully and painstakingly acquired.  One of the best ways is to use a competent auctioneer (rather than a 'volunteer') who will know, not only how to get your audience going but also how to 'program' your lots so that the 'star lot' is not the first, nor indeed the last one.

You might also be thinking, how long do they take.  Well, that depends on how many auction lots you have, what else is happening during your event (raffle, live band, guest speakers etc) and how much your guests have had to eat and drink.  An eager bidder who bids over the top for a lot is no good if they are too drunk to sign for their prize or worse, once they've sobered up deny having been the winning bidder!

A competent auctioneer will also be able to help with the descriptions for the auction lots, and any introductions that you might want to make for each lot.  You might also want to put pictures of the lots on guests tables, or as a minimum a list describing each lot to help your guests decide what they might want to bid on.

itoast2you is experienced in charity auctions and will help you get the most from your auction lots, and from your audience. Call 07754 193592 or email to discuss your charity auction.

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