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Cultural Weddings

Jewish KippotJewish Weddings

Whatever your simcha here at itoast2you, I will work alongside you in the build up to the day, and be there to deal with any problems that may arise. Once I have understood if your wedding is to be Orthodox or Progressive, I can then help direct guests to their seats, and hand out kippot as required. I'll confirm with you when yichud is to take place, and keep guests informed as desired. I am aware of the many customs and procedures that can take place as part of a Jewish Wedding and are happy to be guided by you as to how these are to take place on your special day.

Asian Weddings

Asian Wedding

The Asian Wedding is usually a riot of colour, music and food, but as with any Wedding there are formalities that must be observed. Here at itoast2you, I can attend the Milni if you wish, and will cover the head and remove shoes as required. You may have hired Dohl, and I will work with you and them to ensure the family procession is right and that you get a grand entrance befitting of your special day.

Large numbers of guests are quite often in attendance at Asian Weddings, and itoast2you will happily help guide those guests to where they need to be.

If you have anybody who will make speeches, we will be delighted to introduce them, as well as announcing the Sagan and the cutting of the cake if you so wish. 

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